Sunday Sanity: Sit in Silence

Sunday Sanity Tip: Sit in Silence on

Sunday Sanity Tip: Sit in Silence on theproprietygirl.comSunday Sanity Tip: Sit in Silence on theproprietygirl.comHi friends!

Today I’m going to introduce y’all to a new series I’m starting called “Sunday Sanity“. Each Sunday I am going to talk about one tip you can do to improve some aspect of your mental, physical, emotional or spiritual health. I am really excited about this series because I am a huge proponent of self-awareness and self-improvement! I have too many self-help books and have had to learn to reign in my desire to absorb all the self-improvement knowledge possible (you think I am kidding but literally, I am not) so I hope the random self-help musings I’ve learned over the years entertain and inspire y’all! My goal is that the simple tricks and tips I am going to discuss through this series provide y’all with the tools you need to live and love well in a world that often drains us.


Tip #1: Sit in Silence

I’m starting this series off with a simple, but surprisingly impactful tip: sit in silence. If you’re anything like me then I know you have music going the moment you turn your car on. You cook to music, you do chores to music (or the tv on) and you workout to music. You may even fall asleep to music. While listening to music is not inherently bad and I certainly think it can be helpful and life-enriching to do things to music, constant music can become a hinderance to growth. Music allows us to escape and avoid, to immerse and imagine, but at some point we must come back to reality. We must address our thoughts, our families, and the person we put our headphones in to avoid. We must learn to be comfortable with silence in order to be more aware of ourselves and the people around us.

Sunday Sanity Tip: Sit in Silence on theproprietygirl.comSunday Sanity Tip: Sit in Silence on


So this week here’s my tip for you. Sit in silence for five minutes each day. Find a time to let yourself think without audible distraction. What this means is you are going to have to find five minutes of your day to read, write/journal, paint, sew, garden, or pray etc. and let your thoughts tick through your head.

Some of y’all may already do this. My bet is that it’s not intentionally, which is still good, but there is something about taking intentional time out of your day to be and do something silent. The goal of this is not to get you too “all up in your head” but to get you to be more mindful and refuel that little part of your spirit that may be drained or dulled by the noise of this life.

I hope you are encouraged by this tip this week! Thank you so much for reading this little blog!

Feel free to comment how your silent time has gone or has impacted you in the comments below!




Casual Dinner Outfit + Marriage Advice


Khaki + Army Green OutfitCasual dinner Outfit

Kimono: Kimono Robe

Shirt: Target

Pants: J.Crew Chino

Shoes: Faux Pearl Mule

With the weather being ever changing here in Colorado, I’ve been needing some clothes that I can layer that aren’t a heavy sweater or a turtle neck. Enter the kimono! It’s perfect for fall, yet is light enough to wear on a cool summer night. This summer night, Spencer and I went to dinner and walked around some shops here in Denver. We don’t get out often during the weekday nights because Spencer is exhausted from long days at the hospital so any chance I get to go out with him I try to dress up a little!

Real talk: It’s not easy being married to a resident. I don’t think many couple’s marriages are easy, no matter what career you choose. Life happens and you are constantly learning how to adapt and handle each new situation that life brings together. For us, the hardest part right now is finding the balance between Spencer’s work and my play. I love to get out and do do do things together. Spencer is exhausted from 80 work weeks and wants to eat, sleep, relax and repeat! And I don’t blame him! When your schedules operate at different speeds, it’s hard to find that balance where both partners are satisfied with what each day looks like. It involves sacrifice, self-awareness, and a satisfaction that extends beyond what is done each day.

Here’s to anyone out there who feels stressed, overwhelmed, or discouraged in their marriage today. You are not alone! Everyone struggles. Difficulties aren’t a maybe, they are a guarantee. Don’t be caught off guard or tell the “other people don’t experience this” lie to yourself. They do. You will. But that doesn’t change a thing about the foundation of your marriage. You committed to your spouse- this means you committed to working through the difficulties, you committed to looking hard seasons in the face and not giving up on each other.  Don’t let the struggle rob you of the joy and growth that your marriage is meant to bring you!

Kimono Robe + Black Mules

Thank you so much for reading this little blog today!



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Weekend Style: Featuring Jean Culottes

Weekend Style: Jean Culottes

You know the one (minor) thing I was most worried about when moving to Colorado? The trees. I was afraid it wouldn’t be very green or tree filled because of the elevation! I’m so glad I was wrong! This is one of my favorite tree-lined streets I’ve discovered in Colorado. I made Spencer (my husband) jump out of the car and take pictures of me in the middle of the road because I’m a sucker for some green trees. Aren’t they beautiful?

Weekend Style: Straw Cloche Hat / White Shirt / Jean CulottesWeekend Style

Enough tree-nerd stuff, let’s talk about this outfit! I got this look (top, jeans, and hat) for $45. Part of that is due to the fact that I had a coupon from Target’s Cartwheel app for like 5%-20% off (not a math girl, don’t ask me specifics) but before the coupon it was still only $57!! JEANS. I got trendy jean culottes for $30! THIRTY DOLLARS, people. And they are cute! They aren’t the crappy kind of $30 jean that you regret buying because they stretch out and lose all hope of a figure flattering form when you wear them once.

When I bought the jeans, I had a weekend style outfit in my mind. I wanted something that was easy, clean, but still unique. Enter white shirt with tie and hat. The shirt was under $20 and the hat was under $15, I couldn’t say no! This hat is the perfect mix of unique and casual. I love the black ribbon band and the straw color! It’s super classic and can go with any outfit in the summer. The shirt is another great staple piece. I always want to wear a plain white t-shirt but I have so much trouble finding one that flatters me. It either clings where I don’t want it to cling or it’s too boxy, but this shirt was different. The material is super light, but not so light that you need to wear something under it (which is the worst sometimes, especially when it’s hot). The tie hits at a great spot that fully covers your midriff, without being too long. Obviously, I can’t say enough good things about these finds. Target and I had a major win this day when I found all these items in one trip!

A note on hats: Does anyone else struggle with whether they like fedoras or not? I love them on other people, but I can’t fully commit to them for myself.

Weekend Style: Straw Cloche Hat / White Shirt / Jean CulottesWeekend Style: Straw Cloche Hat / White Shirt / Jean CulottesWeekend Style: Straw Cloche Hat / White Shirt / Jean Culottes

The Look


White Shirt with Tie (ALSO ON CLEARANCE FOR $10.48)

Straw Cloche Hat

Shoes (They are a few years old from Gap, but I linked a similar style from old navy)

I hope this look inspires you this week + weekend!

Weekend Style: Straw Cloche Hat / White Shirt / Jean Culottes

Denim and White Summer Outfit

The Perfect Summer Outfit //

Denim and White Summer Outfit on The Propriety Girl

Shirt: I can’t remember where I bought it but it is Lovely 8 brand.
Shorts: J.Crew
Purse: Kate Spade
Shoes: Gap
Earrings: Oreo Fanfare Earrings


Denim and White Summer Outfit

You want to know the best thing about high waisted shorts? The fact that they give you about four inches of extra space for a full stomach. I love these white denim shorts from J. Crew! They have a zipper on the side and two pockets in the back. The denim shirt is a classic of mine and  it is. so. dang. soft. I can’t remember where I got it, I think it may have been at Versona, but I love its fit. The great thing about this denim and white summer outfit is how versatile and easy to put together it is. It can be replicated with pieces you already have in your closet! Sub the white jean shorts, for white jeans, the denim for a blue button up or incorporate the denim on top look with a jean jacket! The neutral shoes really pull it all together too. They keep it day-to-day while still adding interest! I love a good wedge, especially since I’m 5’0 tall! These shoes give me some height and help my legs to look longer!

How to make your legs look longer

A Petite Fashion Tip: For all you petite girls out there, invest in a pair of high waisted shorts and wedges, it really helps add length to your legs. If you have a shorter torso swap the high-waisted shorts for some low rise to give your mid-section a little length!

It’s crazy the confidence dressing for your body type can give you! I know I’ve thought I looked terrible in something only to realize, it wasn’t me, it was the way the clothes fit on my body. Don’t get discouraged if a look you love doesn’t look good on you, because there are about a thousand (probably more) styles that would make you look stunning! Play around with styles! Sometimes it takes adding a belt, unbuttoning a button, rolling a sleeve, or a #playfulpony to make your look work with your body type!

Don’t always blame yourself first for why something doesn’t look good, most often its not you, it’s the clothes. (This also sounds like a solid reason to break up with your boyfriend- I mean not really though, because few things are more satisfying than slowly infiltrating your boyfriend’s taste (or lack thereof) with your style knowledge. Should I write a post on how to get your boyfriend to upgrade his style? I think yes now…. ) But seriously, stop telling yourself “I need to loose five pounds to pull this off” or “I’d look good in this if I had a smaller chest” Maybe you’d look good in that if it was made for your body! Maybe you could pull it off if it wasn’t made for a 5’10 size 0 model. Don’t get defeated, just reevaluate! Enjoy the process of learning what does and doesn’t work for your body. There’s beauty in some things not working out. It wouldn’t be any fun if every thing you wore looked exactly like it did on the model!

Perfect Summer OutfitEasy Summer Style

P.S. My earrings can be found in the shop! Click here to go directly to the listing!

Hope y’all enjoyed this look! Add some denim and white to your outfit this week!



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